9th International 

XR-Metaverse Conference

The International XR-Metaverse Conference is an annual immersive tech 

event of the International Association of Immersive Technology Innovation(IAITI). 

It aims to bring industry and academia together in order to discuss, present, 

showcase the latest trends and advance the immersive technology arena. 

The 9th International XR-Metaverse Conference will be held at Dong-Eui University, 

Busan, Korea20-22 May 2024.  The 9th International XR-Metaverse 

Conference will focus on the theme of Metaverse: Where Reality Meets Imagination.

All abstracts must be submitted via Easy Chair

Introduce Expo

City of Wonder Busan

AI Grand ICT Research Center


*IAITI OFFICIAL RECEIPT WILL BE EMAILED OUT 4-5 days after registration!


" Earlybird registration is open until 

20 April 2024 "

A right to return of tickets and the refund of the ticket purchase price only applies if the event is cancelled or relocated. If you are unable to attend the event, you can transfer your ticket to another person. Please let us know the name of this person at least three days before the start of the event. Up to two weeks before the event, it is possible to cancel the ticket.  We will then refund half of the purchase price.

Sponsor / Exhibitor

( 5m x 5m space /

including 4 delegation passes )

( 3m x 3m space /

including 3 delegation passes )

( 2m x 2m space /

including 2 delegation passes )

( 2m x 2m space /

including 1 delegation pass )

Themes To Be Covered

Themes to be covered at the conference include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

· XR and the metaverse

· XR to overcome a health crisis

· XR for societal good


· Multimedia

· AI, Big Data, IoT, 5G, Robot powered XR innovation

· Digital transformation through XR

· Digital Twin

· XR adoption behaviour

· XR/metaverse business models

· Development and implementation of augmented and

  virtual reality applications

· Mobile and wearable technologies and      


· Impacts of XR on value co-creation

· XR/metaverse for customer engagement

· Legal, ethical, and regulatory issues

· New methodological approaches for            


· XR/metaverse applications in tourism, events, cultural 

   heritage, architecture, education, retail, 

   entertainment, health, manufacturing etc.

· Any other related topic

Instructions For Authors 

We are inviting 3 types of abstract submissions for the 2024 conference:

1. Scientific Track

Extended abstract length: max. 3 pages* (excl. references). The suggested structure is 1. Introduction, 2. Literature Review, 3. Methodology, 4. Findings, 5 Conclusion. 6. References.

*Authors have the option to submit a 12-page full paper.

2. PhD Poster Track

This track will be suitable for research students who would like to present their ideas. max 3 pages (excl. references). The suggested structure is 1. Introduction, 2. Literature Review, 3. Methodology, 4. Findings, 5 Conclusion. 6. References.

3. Industry Track

Extended abstract length: max. 3 pages (excl. references). The suggested structure is 1. Company Description, 2. Project Summary, 3. Project Details, 4. Feedback from End Users, 5 Future Outlook, 6 Conclusion.


There are no strict formatting requirements. Please submit a blind copy for the review process. All abstract submissions must be in English and submitted as a PDF file. The document file should not contain information that unnecessarily identifies the authors, their institutions, or their places of work.

Time Schedule

· Submission closes: 15 January, 2024

· Notification of acceptance/rejection: 15 February, 2024

· Earlybird registration deadline: 15 March, 2024

· Conference: May 20-22, 2024

Conference Team

Conference Host and Local Conference Chair – 

Prof. Seok Chan Jeong (scjeong@deu.ac.kr)

Conference Chair – 

Prof. Timothy Jung (t.jung@mmu.ac.uk)

Academic Program Chair – 

Dr. M. Claudia tom Dieck (c.tom-dieck@mmu.ac.uk)

Local Program Chair - Prof. Sung-Hee Kim (sh.kim@deu.ac.kr)

Networking Chair – Prof. Dai-In Han (han.d@buas.nl)

Registration Chair– Lucy (Minjeong) Suh (lucymmu@naver.com)

Social Media Strategist– Eunice Cijntje (hello@eunicecijntje.com)

Host Secretariat – Youngjin Cheon (xr.meta2024@gmail.com)

Publicity Chairs

Europe – Prof. Philipp Rauschnabel (Philipp.Rauschnabel@unibw.de)

MENA – Dr. Ramy Hammady (r.hammady@essex.ac.uk)

ASIA – Prof. Seokchan Jeong (scjeong@deu.ac.kr)

USA – Prof. Sun Joo (Grace) Ahn (sjahn@uga.edu)

Confirmed Speaker

- Industry Speakers -

Mina Tsay-Vogel

UX Research Manager @ Meta

Blair MacIntyre 
 JP Morgan Chase 

Managing Director, Global Head of AR/VR/

IoT in Global Technology Applied Research

Alex Leavitt
Research Leader & 
Expert in Global Trust & Safety
Kyle Morrison
Collins Aerospace
Senior XR Simulation Engineer 
Sonya Haskins
Head of Programming at AWE
Unho Choi
Sogang University

Chief Metaverse Innovation Officer

Tipatat Chennavasin
The Venture Reality Fund
VR, AR, and AI Investor

Todd Chang
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician & Medical Educational Simulation, Virtual Reality, and Serious Games Researcher
Rajesh Jha 
Scaling 3D Immersive XR/
AI-Powered Simulations Software
Adele Magnelli
International Project Manager at ETT SpA

Ryan Mathew
Associate Professor & 
Honorary Consultant Neurosurgeon
Farhan Amin
Concept Health Technologies
Founder at Concept Health Technologies

Bernard Frischer
Flyover Zone
President and Founder at Flyover Zone
Simon Fuchs
Kuraray Europe GmbH
Head of Global Demand Management 
& Customer Service
James McCrae 
Magic Leap

Senior Manager

System Applications at Magic Leap

- Academic Speaker -

Timothy Jung
Manchester Metropolitan University

Chair Professor, XR-Metaverse at Manchester Metropolitan University

Mark Billinghurst
University of South Australia
Director, Empathic Computing Laboratory

Carlos Flavián
University of Zaragoza
Editor-in-Chief of the Spanish Journal of Marketing-Esic; AIRSI Chair
Marnix van Gisbergen
Breda University of Applied Sciences
Digital Media Concepts 
with a focus on virtual reality
Yogesh Dwivedi
Swansea University
Professor of Digital Marketing & Innovation, School of Management, Swansea University
Philipp Rauschnabel
Universität der Bundeswehr München
 AR / XR Enthusiast / 
Metaverse Forscher / Professor
Danny Han
Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

Professor Future of Food at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences l Hotel Management School Maastricht

Mandy tom Dieck
Manchester Metropolitan University
Research Fellow

Sun Joo (Grace) Ahn
University of Georgia
Professor at Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication
Brett Abarbanel
International Gaming Institute

Executive Director, International Gaming Institute at University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Eunice Cijntje
University of Curaçao
Inspired Innovator•Media and Innovation Lover•Creative Thinker
Daniel Sahl
Director at UNLV Center for Gaming Innovation/ DraftKings Gaming Innovation Studio 
Leif Oppermann
Fraunhofer FIT
Head of Mixed and Augmented Reality 
Solutions at Fraunhofer FIT
Ronald Haynes
University of Cambridge
Senior Computer Officer 

Exhibitors & Sponsors 

Organization Partner and Cooperations

The 2024 Venue 

The conference will be held at the UNLV campus at the Stan Fulton Building. 

This building, which houses the International Gaming Institute, includes a conference center, seminar break out rooms, kitchen facilities, computer and conventional classrooms, high-tech conference room, and casino lab.


Main Campus

4505 S. Maryland Pkwy.

Las Vegas , NV 89154

Conference Schedule
  • Day 1 – Afternoon (XR Workshops, Poster presentations, Evening networking event in downtown Las Vegas)
  • Day 2 – Full day (Exhibitors, Keynotes, Academic and Industry sessions, Dinner and Awards )
  • Day 3 – Full day (Exhibitors, Keynotes, Academic and Industry sessions)
XR-Metaverse Conference 2024 Scientific Committee

Grace Ahn, University of Georgia

Diana Andone, Politehnica University of Timisoara

Barry Babin, Louisiana Tech University

Sergio Barta, University of Zaragoza

Enrique Bigne, University of Valencia

Ricardo Bilro, ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de 

Lisboa and BRU

Fabio Campos, Breda University of Applied Science

Yoonjung Chang, National Cancer Centre Korea

Justin Cho, Manchester Metropolitan University

Kirsten Cowan, University of Edinburgh

Ella Cranmer, Manchester Metropolitan University

M. Claudia tom Dieck, Manchester Metropolitan University

Katherine Duffy, University of Glasgow

Ernest Edifor, Manchester Metropolitan University

Elodie Etienne, University of Liège 

Reto Felix, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Carlos Flavian, University of Zaragoza

Alba García-Milon, Universidad de la Rioja

Marnix van Gisbergen, Breda University of Applied Science

João Guerreiro, ISCTE- Instituto Universitário de Lisboa 

and BRU

Dai-In Han, Breda University of Applied Science

Ronald Haynes, University of Cambridge

Jonas Heller, University of Maastricht

Tim Hilken, University of Maastricht

Chris Hinsch, Grand Valley State University

Rasesh Jha, SIM Insights

Timothy Jung, Manchester Metropolitan University

Sergio Ibáñez-Sánchez, University of Zaragoza

Jenny Kanellopoulou, Manchester Metropolitan University

Sunghak Kim, National Cancer Center Korea

Steffi Kohl, Hogeschool Zuyd

Nina Krey, Rowan University

Harish Kumar

Jan Lacko, Paneuropean University Bratislava

Jennifer Locander, East Tennessee State University

Sandra M.C. Loureiro, ISCTE- Instituto Universitário de Lisboa and BRU

Adele Magnelli, ETT Solutions

Tj Matthews, i3 Simulations

Cynthia Mejia, University of Central Florida

Leif Oppermann, Fraunhofer FIT

Carlos Orus, University of Zaragoza

Christos Pantelidis, Manchester Metropolitan University

Marina Papalexi, Manchester Metropolitan University

Mário Passos Ascenção, Haaga-Helia AUS

Filipa Rosado-Pinto, ISCTE- Instituto Universitário de 

Lisboa and BRU

Shima Rezaei Rashnoodi, Breda University of Applied Science

Marion Rauscher, Hochschule Munich

Philipp A. Rauschnabel, Universität der Bundeswehr Muenchen

Caroline Scarles, University of Surrey

Katrin Schein, Universität der Bundeswehr Muenchen

Kay Schroeder, RWTH Aachen University

Michelle Schwarz, UniBw Munich

Michael Schwertel, Cologne Business School

Aline Simonetti, Universitat de València

Anneroos R. Smink, University of Amsterdam

Sebastian Stadler, Hochschule Ansbach

Jessica Symons, Visioning Lab

Alexandra Taylor, Manchester Metropolitan University

Aleksei Tepljakov, Tallinn University of Technology

Mariapina Trunfio, University of Naples Parthenope

Pasi Tuominen, Haaga-Helia AUS

Silviu Vert, Politehnica University of Timisoara

Gary Warnaby, Manchester Metropolitan University

Désirée Wieland, University of Bamberg