8th International 

XR-Metaverse Conference

The International XR-Metaverse Conference is an annual immersive tech 

event of the International Association of Immersive Technology Innovation(IAITI). 

It aims to bring industry and academia together in order to discuss, present, 

showcase the latest trends and advance the immersive technology arena. 

The 8th International XR-Metaverse Conference will be held at UNLV, 

Las Vegas, USA, 28-30 June 2023.  The 8th International XR-Metaverse 

Conference will focus on the theme of XR meets the Metaverse.


8th International XR-Metaverse Conference

Best paper award🏆winners

Best academic paper award*

H. Kumar, P. Rauschnabel, M. N. Agarwal, R. Singh and R. Srivastava. Towards a theoretical framework for augmented reality marketing: a means end chain perspective in retailing.

Runner Up: 

Best academic paper award*

S. Barta, S. Ibáñez-Sánchez, C. Flavian and C. Orus. Exploring the Influence of Value Expectations and Personal Characteristics on the Creation of Avatars for Events in the Metaverse.

Best industry paper award*

F. Amin and T. Jung. PR in VR: Helping the NHS Deliver More Accessible, Greener, and Better Quality Care.

Runner Up: 

Best industry paper award*

A. Magnelli, F. Basso and A. Cavallaro. The Divine Comedy in VR: Purgatory, an immersive journey.


*IAITI OFFICIAL RECEIPT WILL BE EMAILED OUT 4-5 days after registration!


" Earlybird registration is open until 

15 April 2023 "

A right to return of tickets and the refund of the ticket purchase price only applies if the event is cancelled or relocated. If you are unable to attend the event, you can transfer your ticket to another person. Please let us know the name of this person at least three days before the start of the event. Up to two weeks before the event, it is possible to cancel the ticket.  We will then refund half of the purchase price.

Sponsor / Exhibitor

( 5m x 5m space /

including 4 delegation passes )

( 3m x 3m space /

including 3 delegation passes )

( 2m x 2m space /

including 2 delegation passes )

( 2m x 2m space /

including 1 delegation pass )

Themes To Be Covered

Themes to be covered at the conference include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

· XR and the metaverse

· XR to overcome a health crisis

· XR for societal good

· AI, Big Data, IoT, 5G, Robot and Digital Twin         powered XR innovation

· Digital transformation through XR

· XR adoption behaviour

· XR/metaverse business models

· Development and implementation of augmented and virtual reality applications

· Mobile and wearable technologies and      


· Impacts of XR on value co-creation

· XR/metaverse for customer engagement

· Legal, ethical, and regulatory issues

· New methodological approaches for       XR/metaverse

· XR/metaverse applications in tourism, events, cultural heritage, architecture, education, retail, entertainment, health, manufacturing etc.

· Any other related topic

Instructions For Authors 

We are inviting 3 types of abstract submissions for the 2023 conference:

1. Scientific Track

Extended abstract length: max. 3 pages (excl. references). Suggested structure is 1. Introduction, 2. Literature Review, 3. Methodology, 4. Findings, 5 Conclusion. 6. References.

2. Poster Track

This track will be suitable for work in progress and research students who would like to present their ideas. Max 3 pages (excl. references). Suggested structure is 1. Introduction, 2. Literature Review, 3. Methodology, 4. Findings, 5 Conclusion. 6. References.

3. Industry Track

Extended abstract length: max. 3 pages (excl. references). Suggested structure is 1. Company Description, 2. Project Summary, 3. Project Details, 4. Feedback from End Users, 5 Future Outlook, 6 Conclusion.


There are no strict formatting requirements. Please submit a blind copy for the review process. All abstract submissions must be in English and submitted as a PDF file. The document file should not contain information that unnecessarily identifies the authors, their institutions, or their places of work.

Time Schedule

· Submission closes: January 15, 2023

· Extended deadline: February 15, 2023

· Notification of acceptance/rejection: February 28, 2023

· Earlybird registration deadline: April 15 2023

· Conference: June 28-30, 2023

Conference Team

Conference Host and Local Conference Chair – 

Prof. Yen-Soon Kim (

Prof. Si Jung Kim ( 

Prof. Daniel Sahl (

Conference Chair – 

Prof. Timothy Jung (

Academic Program Chair – 

Dr. M. Claudia tom Dieck (

Networking Chair – Prof. Dai-In Han (

Registration Chair– Lucy (Minjeong) Suh (

Publicity Chairs

Europe – Prof. Philipp Rauschnabel (

MENA – Dr. Ramy Hammady (

ASIA – Prof. Seokchan Jeong (

North America/Canada – Dr Joachim Scholz (

USA – Prof. Sun Joo (Grace) Ahn (

Social Media Strategist - Enice Cijntje (

Confirmed Speaker

- Industry Speakers -

Mina Tsay-Vogel

UX Research Manager @ Meta

Blair MacIntyre 
 JP Morgan Chase 

Managing Director, Global Head of AR/VR/

IoT in Global Technology Applied Research

Alex Leavitt